[1] View Vacancies [5] Sign Lease
Check our vacancies page to see what is available and find the apartment you want. You can view our apartment complexes and prices on the APARTMENTS page and can view the apartments available for rent (including interior photos) on the VACANCIES page. If you cannot find what you are looking for, call the office at 256-764-0731. After paying your deposit, you will schedule a lease-signing. All of our leases are now digital and will be emailed to you after receiving your deposit. Once you have received the lease, open the file and digitally initial and sign as instructed. Once completed, you will receive your keys on your selected move-in date.
[2] Schedule a Free Showing [6] Pay Rent
After selecting the apartment(s) you are interested in, visit our office for a free showing. We recommend that you call and schedule an appointment to avoid waiting, but we gladly accept walk-ins as well. Our phone number is 256-764-0731 and our office is located at Alpine Village (3410 Chisholm Rd Unit 1217A). If you would like to send us an email, please see our CONTACT page. On the move-in date, you will also pay your first months rent and pick up your keys. We prorate your first month's rent when you move-in. Therefore, you will only pay for the number of days you have you have the apartment in the first month.
Prorate formula: Rent Amount / 30 X # of days left in the month.
[3] Apply Now! [7] Utilities
The next step is to fill out an application. The quickest and easiest way to accomplish this is online. Visit our VACANCIES page and click APPLY NOW next to the apartment you would like to rent. You can also fill out an application at the office. There is a $30 application fee. Take your copy of the lease to Florence Utilities to have your utilities turned on. The utility company will charge a $150 deposit and will usually turn the utilities on the next day or the day you plan to move. The utility company will do same day turn on for $30.
[4] Pay Deposit [8] Cable
Once your application is approved, pay your $300 deposit ($400 for furnished apartments) to reserve the apartment for up to 30 days. Paying a deposit is the only way to reserve an apartment. Pet deposits are an additional $700 ($600 refundable). Visit our PET POLICY page for more details. This is also a good time to schedule cable, phone, and/or internet service. We recommend both AT&T and Comcast for all your services. You can contact Rod at: 256-349-7490 As a reminder, free high-speed internet is provided at Alpine Village, Hensley Square, and North Florence apartments.

The Leasing Process

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